Searching articles in the Publisher Environment

NOTE: Some searchboxes might not support some of these special queries.

If you are a publisher or blogger, you can perform advanced searches and apply filters in order to view a subset of articles.

The available filters are:

  • author
  • tag
  • category
  • region
  • from (date)
  • to (date)

Searching for an article

If you remember a keyword of the article, you can for articles that match it as you would normally do in other search boxes.
e.g. economies

Adding filters

Just searching using keywords might not yield any results, or they might yield long lists of results. You can use filters to make this more specific. For example, if you remember the category, you can add the filter like so:
economies, category: business.

Note the comma and colon. The colon defines the filter, the comma is used to separate the filter blocks.

More Examples

  • region: tanzania, tag: magufuli - An article whose region is Tanzania AND has the tag magufuli.

  • category: politics, region: zimbabwe, tag: mugabe, elections 2013 - An article that is related to elections 2013 that is categorized as politics in zimbabwe and has a mugabe tag.

Adding Dates

Dates can be added using the from and to filters.
e.g. economies, category: business, tag: economy, from: June 6 2015, to: Dec 30 2015

Note: The date format should be as formats below to be understood by the query parser:

  • June 6 2015
  • Jun 6 2015
  • June 2015
  • 2015