Multiple Bloggers

The African Exponent blogs allows multiple users to own a blog. You can invite friends and colleagues to become members of the blog and collaborate on publishing articles. All bloggers that contribute to an article can be credited accordingly. The creator of the blog becomes the blog admin.

Steps to invite collaborators

  • Click on Edit Blog
  • Click on Blog Members to invite collaborators to your blog
    • You can only invite people that have an account on The African Exponent
  • Once the invite is accepted, the new collaborator will be added as a member of the blog
    • The new members will have full access to the blog, from editing to publishing an article
  • When publishing an article, you can select all collaborators as co-authors of the article
    • If you have co-authored previous articles, it possible to edit such articles and credit other authors.
  • Only the blog admin can invite people to the blog
    • The blog admin can also change the blog name and blog description
  • People who own a blog can not be invited to join a different blog

Editing an article simultaneously

An article on a multiple bloggers blog can be simultaneously edited by each blogger. However, this requires the respective members to communicate to ensure that the final version published is the right version.

We have put in these measures that help bloggers as they edit articles:

  • If two or more people are editing an article, there will be an notification on the top right under REFERENCE.
    • The notification will also show who is editing the article.
  • If a new version of the article being edited is published, there will also be a notification under REFERENCE to notify you to switch to the most recent version.

Whenever you are editing an article in a multiple bloggers blog, constantly check your notification under REFERENCE to prevent overwriting any updates made by your blog collaborators.