Earn&Blog Help and Support Page

The Blogs advertisement feature is a way for our bloggers to earn revenue. Bloggers can have advertisements on their respective articles and will have a percent share of the revenue generated from their articles, after an initial trial period. In this way, the bloggers get rewarded for the fascinating content (articles, video, photos) that they publish. The African Exponent understands that while the majority of bloggers have a strong interest in having advertisement on their blogs, this may not be true for some bloggers. To this end, we have implemented an advertisement feature that caters for all our bloggers; advertisement can be turned on or turned off on a blog or on particular articles. This ensures that we continue to prioritize the autonomy that our bloggers continue to enjoy on their individual blogs.

The process of enabling this feature involves two key steps:

  1. Turn on Advertising Features by going to your Advertising view. If you are not the administrator of your blog, consult your administrator to do so.
  2. Enable advertisements on your content. e.g. to show advertisements on an article, go to the article editing view and click on the new Advertising tab on the top right to see your options

Step 1 will give you access to the tools to help you visualize and see information about the advertisements that appear on your blog and the revenue you have generated so far.

Step 2 gives you control over what content you want advertisements to appear in. For instance, if you do not want to show advertisements on some of your content but still need access to the advertising tools, enable Advertising Features by going to your Advertising view and then disable advertising when publishing that particular content.

Activate (deactivate) Advertisements on the blog:

The administrator of a blog can turn on (off) advertisement on their blog. Turning on advertisements for a blog means that the content that have advertisement turned on will show such advertisement. Turning off advertising on the blog means that no advertisement will show on any articles regardless of whether advertisement are turned on or off on the individual articles on that blog. This is in essence the advertisement master control for the entire blog. Bloggers who do not want advertisement on their blogs are advised to leave the setting in its default Turn off state. Bloggers who prefer to earn revenue from advertisements are encouraged to change the blogs advertisement settings to Turn on.
To activate the advertising on your blog navigate to: Edit blog > Advertising > Turn on then save preferences.
Note that these changes can only be done by the blog administrator, this is particularly important for Multiple Blogger blogs

Activate (deactivate) advertisement on content:

Bloggers can turn on (off) advertisement on each article. Turning on advertisement on an article implies that if the Blogs advertisement setting is set to Turn on advertisement will appear on the published article. The default setting for article advertisement is “Turn on’. Even though the default is Turn on, advertisements will not appear on the published content unless the Blog Advertisement is also set to Turn on. Turning advertisement on for articles ensures that when the blog advertisement setting is changed to Turn on such articles will show advertisement. We understand that some articles are better off without advertisement, and for such articles you can turn advertisement off.
To activate (deactivate) advertisement on articles, navigate to: Advertising > Turn on (off) then save preferences.

Note that articles that were published before the Advertising feature was implemented can be edited to show advertisements. Navigate to: Blogging > Articles > Edit > Advertising > Turn on (off) then save your changes.
In general, to have advertisements on your content, follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Turn on Blog Advertisements
  2. Turn on Content Advertisements.

Trial Period:

Blogs are given a 6 months trial period in which 100% of the generated revenue is paid to the blogger. The trial period starts once the blog is created. For blogs that were created before the implementation of this feature, the 6 months trial period is set to start on August 1st 2017.

If you have question on any of the information provided here or the blogs advertising in general please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]