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Having a blog at The African Exponent will enable you to publish your content and have your voice heard across a wide array of the audience that visits The African Exponent every day. Whether you are interested in Food, Fashion, Politics, Culture, Sports and so much more, The African Exponent has the audience to back you up. In addition to that, we'll help your article reach more people by sharing it on our social media pages (100,000+ fans on Facebook). For more information about blogging in general, and the terms, please read Blogging At The African Exponent.

To create a blog, you will need to have an African Exponent account. Visit create account to create your account or consult our create account help page for more information.

Once you have logged in to your account, you should find a tab labeled blog on the left side of your navigation bar, click Create Blog.

Video Tutorial:


You will be prompted to fill in the following fields

  • Blog Title – this will be the name of the blog you are creating
    • e.g Leadership Today
  • Personalized blog link – this is the shortcut that will form a link extension to your blog
  • Biography - What the blog is about
    • e.g This blog will highlight the role of leadership in African societies. Mainly how culture and religion influence various dynamics within a society. This will be done by analyzing hierarchy at both the state level and family level.
  • Summary - A brief of the blog in one or two sentences
    • e.g This blog will analyze the importance of leadership in African societies.

Note that the biography and summary are crucial for users to discover the your blog through google search. This is how a blog summary would appear when your blog is searched:

Here is a link to some of the blogs on The African Exponent that you can use for reference.

You have successfully set up your blog, Congratulations!

Check out the Publishing an Article On The African Exponent Guide for a short tutorial on how to publish articles.