Blog&Earn Terms and Policies


We require all bloggers who have turned on ads on their blogs to follow these policies. Failure to adhere to these policies gives The African Exponent the right to terminate your advertising account. Bloggers are also reminded to always adhere to The African Exponent blogs terms and conditions, which include publishing original content (or content you own) and not publishing native ads on your blog. If these terms are violated then your blogs advertising account will be terminated.

The main advertiser that we currently use is Google Adsense, we advise you to familiarize yourself with some of the terms and conditions they have, here is the link to Adsense Terms and Conditions.

The advertisements will be placed where The African Exponent advertisements team deems suitable and in line with the entire website. The blogger does not decide where advertisements should be placed.

Trial Period

Each blog will have a 6 months trial period in which 100% of the advertisement revenue is paid to the blogger. The trial period starts once the blog is created, this is applicable to all blogs created after August 1st 2017. For all blogs created before August 1st 2017, the 6 months trial period starts on August 1st 2017.


The revenue from advertisements can only be deposited to your account after it has accumulated to more than the $50 threshold. It is the blogger’s responsibility to ensure that they have a credible account for revenue to be securely sent to them. In cases where wrong account details are given, The African Exponent is not liable for any loss of money that might result from that. The transfer cost incurred while transferring the revenue will be deducted from your accumulated balance.

You can view your accumulated balance by logging into your African Exponent account. There will be a display of your daily, weekly and monthly revenue. The displayed amounts show your revenue after the revenue split. To view your balance navigate to: Blogging > Stats > Revenue.

Revenue Splitting

The revenue splitting between The African Exponent and the Blogger is 80% for the blogger and 20% for The African Exponent. This ratio comes into effect once the trial period is over.

By turning on ads on your blog, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these terms and policies. Continuing to use the advertisement feature means that you acknowledge any changes that might be made on these Terms and Policies.