Creating Articles That Display Lists on The African Exponent

This tutorial will show you how to create articles that are optimized to display lists.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  • At least one list. To create this article, you will need to embed at least one list into the body of the article. For more information on how to create a list, see this tutorial on creating lists.

  • Know how to publish an article. Check our tutorial on how to publish an article for more information.

Lists Articles are just extensions of articles that are styled different and optimized to display tabulated data. Lists articles can be created using the same procedures outlined in the tutorial for publishing an article.


  • Follow the steps involved in creating a new article. When prompted for the type, select List. Article type prompt

  • In the article content, embed the list into the article using the following format.

    [[List link={list link here}]]

    e.g. [[List link=]]

  • For convenience, we have provided you with a quick reference of all lists available on The African Exponent. Click on Lists button to open the quick reference on the bottom navigation bar. Lists button


  • At least one list must be added.
  • Only a maximum of 3 lists will be processed per article.
  • To update the list in an article, you will need to update the List itself. Check the tutorial on creating lists for more information. The article will take a few hours to pick up the new changes in the list.
  • These articles won't be available in Google's AMP format.
  • There is a high chance that these articles won't appear on Google News because of the different formating that they come with. This highly depends on how Google News Bots process and understand the articles.