Adding Article Widgets To Any Article

Adding Related Articles Widget To Any Article

Sometimes you might want to reference a related article on the site and in the past, this was done by linking to the article you want to reference inside a blockquote ("") element. While this worked, it was not semantically correct. Blockquotes are normally meant for quoting. This also causes a lot of problems to search engines and blind people as they rely on correct meaning of each and every element added to a page.

To solve this problem, we have introduced Article Widgets that you can use to link to any article on The African Exponent.
To insert an article embed just type the following into the editor:

[[Article link={article link here} caption={widget caption here}]]


  • The whole text must be one paragraph.
  • The link and caption variables are all required
  • Only articles from The African Exponent news and blogs section will be processed
  • Only a maximum of 3 widgets will be processed per article


[[Article link= caption=Related]]


Not seeing your embed? Please note that all article embeds that don't follow any of the rules outlined above will be discarded.