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World’s Longest Serving President Set to Extend his Term of Office

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo took over the countr…

Nov 29th
France and Russia Do Not Own Africa

It must still be made clear that in this day and a…

Nov 27th
Zimbabwe Passes a Bill that Aims to Punish Unpatriotic Citizens

Zimbabwe has been under economic sanctions since 2…

Nov 27th
Botswana Woman Executed in Bangladesh for Smuggling Heroin

A 30-year-old Botswana woman – caught smuggling he…

Nov 25th
Twitter Ghana Employees Speak Out Against Elon Musk Over Unlawful Dismissals

Multiple employees have accused the new CEO of dis…

Nov 23rd
Does this BBC Report Prove Ill-Intent of the Western Press toward Africa?

Journalists rely on strict codes which help to gui…

Nov 23rd
Mali Bans French Funded NGOs Amid Worsening Tensions Between the two Countries

France stopped sending development aid because of …

Nov 22nd
What You Need to Know About Nigeria's Billion Dollar Deep Sea Port

The Lekki Free Zone's objectives include creating …

Nov 20th
World's Oldest Primary School Pupil, Priscilla Sitienei, Dies Aged 99 in Kenya

The late Kimani Maruge went to school at 84 in 200…

Nov 20th
7 Greatest African Footballers of All Time

African players have gone on to play remarkably.

Nov 20th