• As I have pointed out in most of my writings, it is no more news that the ultimate mission of Buhari's government is to fight the Kilimanjaro height of corruption in this country. To speak the truth, corruption is the cankerworm that has eaten so deep into our fabrics that needs serious extermination, which is what the Buhari administration is doing. From the time Buhari has taken over the control of governmental machinery, the anti-corruption crusade was and is still his topmost mission. This, undoubtedly, is a very good and applaudable move.

    Let me seek your attention to digress a little. In Germany, there is something called 'volkgiest' which means the spirit of the people. The oneness spirit of the people that affect their behavior and laws that govern them. In Nigeria, I think many will agree with me that our own 'volkgiest' is corruption and that is why it needs to be fought. It is the truth that no country could be corruption free for man himself is naturally corrupt. However, for a country to get to its promise land, there is need for corruption to be discouraged and be at its minimal.

    The disadvantages of corruption should not be something to even discuss. If a country lives in or with corruption, it can never grow. What this implies is that corruption is as inimical as Ebola to the health of our dear nation. If we don't hasten up to kill corruption in this country, it may definitely kill us. These and other reasons are what Buhari and his team of ‘angels’ has seen before deciding to make the corruption war the first of all. Truly, it shows the administration loves Nigeria, at least, to some extent.

    After all said, it is needful and very instructive to mention, here, that corruption is not the only problem of Nigeria. In fact, apart from corruption, there are one thousand and one problems remaining. Now tell me, if only one out of the thousand left is made the leading 'project' is it possible for things to go as well as expected? Certainly 'Not'! Nigeria is globally known to be a multi problematic country and it requires the government to tackle at least little of all of it and not totally concentrating on only one of it, for things to go well. This however should be done sequentially and systematically - without concentrating much effort on only one.

    Should I begin to count the problems of Nigeria? No, I will not. Even the leaders know better than we do. You see, the only thing that has been frustrating Buhari's effort on Nigeria is his 'anti-corruption' strategy. He has concentrated too many efforts on corruption and thus other sectors of the economy are drowning.

    Though, he wants good for Nigeria his efforts have been in vain. First, he has not been and may probably not be able to succeed in the war against corruption. Why? It is simply because, among other reasons, he is working with suspected looters and he has been selective in those waging the war at. Look, the truth is that, being selective itself is another form of corruption. This is what let me make the logical conclusion that corruption is used to fight corruption, which is an impossible mission. Correct me if I am right.

    Given that the war against the dry monster so called corruption is not a guaranteed victory, why not shift the focus on other things alongside fighting corruption? Some will say that he has been working on other aspect of the economy. For those I ask, then why are we in this great hardship? The too much concern on corruption is obviously, to the best of my understanding, the problem of this administration. Since Buhari is the Balogun of the war against corruption (that which the 'overconcentration' is the problem of Nigeria today), can it then be said that Buhari is Nigeria's problem? The question requires little reflection before answer is given.

    Nigerians are suffering. Nigerians are not happy. People are being killed day after day. The economy is drowning. Things are getting costly. The petrol price is still above 200. It is even scarce to find. People are hungry. They are not happy. Our roads are bad. Nigerians are suffering.

    What then is the hope of Nigerians in this tragic state? We all still rely in the government, which is unfortunately focusing solely on battling corruption. There is need to look beyond corruption. The killing of 40 people in Enugu last month by the Fulani Herdsmen exemplifies one of the major problems in Nigeria. The government is doing nothing but fighting corruption.

    Please, Mr. President dedicate your attention on other aspect of the economy, corruption is not everything. Corruption is but a small proportion of the challenges we face. Other things need to be done for things to go well in this country. God bless Nigeria.