• Fidel’s farewell to the people of Cuba

    “Soon I will be 90 years old,” he said. “Soon I will be like all the rest. Everybody's turn comes.” Those are some of Fidel Castro’s last memorable words in public, during a meeting of the Cuban Communist Party congress on April 19. The words perhaps symbolised his realisation that his watch was ultimately about to come to an end. Then on the 25th of November, he quietly bowed from the national and international stage, leaving his global audience heavily polarised over his legacy based on the national and foreign policies that he and his comrades had formulated, and heavily impacted the Cuban people and the world at large.

    A “polarised legacy?” to hell with the narrative of western charlatans

    Nevertheless, whatever, the western imperialist media, that demonised him in life and death, wants the world to believe, Fidel Castro, just like his comrades, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, and Raul Castro, both of whom speeded his transformation into a Marxist-Leninist, until his death stood for what he believed in. A set of ideals that appealed to the majority of masses who had been oppressed and exploited by the evils of capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism, while appalling to the western imperialist powers. These ideals against domination, exploitation, and subordination of African and Latin American countries led to reportedly hundreds of attempts, mostly by the US and its agents, on his life and regime. The failed Bay of Pigs invasion perhaps illustrated the tenacity by which the US was set to go to get rid of Fidel Castro and his communist regime. Nevertheless, despite all this machinations, Fidel Castro has peacefully and naturally transitioned, at 90 years, while still steadfastly holding on to his ideals and commitments that he hoped would steer the next generation of progressive young leaders in Cuba and beyond.

    Fidel Castro; a true friend of Africa

    However, for Africans, at least those committed to seeing an Africa that is at peace with itself, Fidel was nothing other than a hero, and a true friend, not the monster portrayed by western charlatans. The collective dedication of the Latin American revolutionaries, such as Fidel and Che Guevara, in deed and words to the struggle for Africa’s liberation against colonialism and western imperialism elevated him to the ranks of Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda, Robert Mugabe, amongst a plethora of other great African freedom fighters. The most impressive illustration of his dedication to the African struggle was his interventions in Namibia and Angola against the South African apartheid regime that continued to attract tacit support from the US and other western European colonial powers hell bent on exploitation and domination of the continent.

    In 1990, upon being released from jail, a concerned Ken Alderman asked Mandela why he maintained close relation with Fidel and others, such as Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, and Yasser Arafat of Palestine, whom in the view of the western imperialist were considered as “global pariahs.” 

     In his characteristic defiant response, Mandela reiterated the unwavering support that Cuba had availed to the African National Congress in the fight against the white minority rule in South Africa throughout the struggle, as opposed to western latecomers who had joined the struggle in the dying days of the apartheid regime. The commitment of Fidel’s Cuba to the cause of Africa still continues to date. This was more so witnessed by Cuba’s generous support in the fight against Ebola across West Africa.

    Self-reliance and self-dignity for the Cuban people

    In addition to these noble foreign ventures by Cuba in Africa, and across Latin America, to promote liberation struggles, Fidel also achieved much more at the domestic level for Cubans. The achievements range from universal free healthcare, free education. With regard to healthcare, Cuba has been a vanguard in first class innovation and delivery of free and quality modern health practices. This is illustrated by the fact that Cuba was the first country to successfully eliminate the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections from mother to child at birth. This is an achievement that won accolades for Cuba, including from the World Health Organisation that described it as one of the greatest achievements in public healthcare in recent times.

    Time for a new 21st socialist revolutionary zeal

    Across the world, and more specifically in Africa, the death of Fidel Castro should ignite the revolutionary zeal amongst Africa’s young population, who at over 70 percent are the majority citizens. The economic and political struggle for independence in most countries across the continent has been betrayed by successive post-independence regimes. A fact that has left majority of young people wallowing in the miasma of poverty and hopelessness, even as corruption by incumbents and a few connected elites becomes a norm. The clarion call of pan-Africanism has become a cry for elites to absolve themselves at the international stage, whenever they called upon to account for human rights violations and atrocities against their fellow countrymen. This is currently the case with regard to the International Criminal Court (ICC), where the leaders are loudly calling for either withdrawal from the ICC, without necessarily advocating for the cause for good governance and accountability in their own respective home countries.

    It’s on the basis of these shenanigans, by current crop of African leaders, reminiscent of Cuba under dictator Fulgencio Batista’s regime, that the youths across the continent should rise up to be innovative and develop measures aimed at pushing for political and economic transformation. The time is ripe and all the ingredients for a new twenty first century socialist revolutionary movement against poverty and hopelessness, imposed by African leaders on the majority of suffering youths across the continent is all laid out! What is lacking is a committed set of revolutionaries to trigger the action. And as Ernesto “Che” Guevara, one of Fidel Castro’s trusted and able comrade, once said during the height of the Cuban revolution, “there shall be no dull moments until victory!” Therefore it’s time for Africa’s young to awake from their slumber, and carry on with the revolution, even as we salute fallen comrades.

    Rest in Power Fidel Castro! You are gone, but you will never be forgotten! Hasta Siempre Commandate! We are all once again going to shake the world for a brighter now and the future!