• It is customary in the United States and much of the Western world, today, that when a president is elected and sworn in, his spouse immediately becomes the First Lady. This has been the case since the independence of the United States back on July 4, 1776 because the supreme office of presidency has been sought after and occupied by men only.

    However, times are changing, after the election of the first black American, the US is about to elect the first woman president, which would a first in this country, but not in the world, since women have been in premier positions in the UK, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Israel, Germany, etc. already.

    America, this bastion of male-dominated politics is about to fall though the sexist republican candidate Donald Trump is doing everything possible to keep it under male control, especially by groping his way through female skirts to show ashamedly that man is the only boss that could be, in certain crooked male minds.

    Would men stomach the new Female World Order –FWO-?

    If the Americans elect Hilary Clinton, on November 8th, 2016, which they would, probably, do, this will be great news for women worldwide and would, undoubtedly, advance their cause especially in the developing countries where they suffer from illiteracy, economic apartheid, maltreatment and violence.

    Hopefully, Hilary, this “nasty woman”, according to Donald Trump, will help other “nasty women” worldwide free themselves from the shackles of tradition and male domination and gain much-needed equality and equity, as well as, empowerment through education and economic independence and make the world, at long last, a better place to live in. This, by no means, will not herald the end of male domination, but it will be the beginning towards some kind of gender equality.

    Would Bill know how to be second fiddle?

    Men worldwide would have to accept the new Female World Order –FWO- through either mere resignation or else education and, if need be, reformation. The big problem, however, is Bill Clinton, who will enter the White House after his eight years as President (January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001,) but this time as a spouse.

    First things first, one wonders what would be his official title? Of course, he will not be referred to as the First Lady; it does not make sense. So, surely, the title will be changed to either the “First Spouse” or the “First Gentleman.”

    The chances are, he would be referred to as the “First Spouse,” because for many women he is no gentleman, since he cheated on Hilary when he was president several times with White House personnel, mostly trainees and poor Hilary had to put a brave face to it for two consecutive mandates. She, truly, deserves a medal for spouse faithfulness and solidarity.

    As a “First Spouse”, chances are that Bill will, probably, be asked to be the patron of an educational program that will be called: ”Let boys respect their sisters” and teach them to show respect to women in general.

    Would Bill walk paces behind Hilary?

    The French have a saying that revenge is savored cold: “la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid.” Hilary Clinton is definitely a great woman and a remarkable spouse. She stood stoically besides her husband during his 8 years of tenure as president in spite of mockery, humiliation and bad feelings. She was a monumental woman, she supported her husband and did not give in to calls to file a divorce and break up her marriage.

    But, destiny has many twists and turns; today Hilary is, probably, set to become the first woman president of America. If she does, it would be a personal success to her hard work and diligence and a triumph to women worldwide and especially in the developing world where they still live under the yoke of man’s “superiority” and domination.

    Hilary did not seek personal revenge in her conjugal conflicts; instead she made show of a remarkable sense of forgiveness, a quality that is badly-needed in inter-personal relations. Instead, destiny might be taking revenge for her. If she is elected president Bill will have to be a wise and supportive spouse to earn her generous yester-time forgiveness.

    As a First Spouse, Bill would have to always be in the background, sporting a big smile and a sense of faithfulness during official visits, occasions and ceremonies, no more. He has to learn to be self-effacing and humble because Hilary is going to be the big show for 4 years and, maybe, even 8, if she gets her cards right.

    Like women in the Middle East, poor Bill would have to walk several paces behind Hilary and if she ever visits any of the countries of this region, he better not accompany her because, undoubtedly, officials of these lands would mock him in private and probably give him the cold shoulder in public for being the “wifey.”

    Final word

    The Elizabethan “wheel of fortune” made reference to by Shakespeare in his brilliant play: King Lear is “smiling” to Hilary Clinton, today, because she is the focus of world media and not her husband and would certainly “smile” even more to her on November 8, if she is elected president. Her election would be an act of justice to her and to all the wretched women of the world.

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