• The greatness of America is not measured by its military might, nuclear capability, and economic juggernaut strength, the vastness of its land and its material wealth. America is, rather, a true melting pot made of different peoples, different cultures and different creeds. It is, probably, the only country in the world where people might never ask you the horrible question; “where do you come from?” right at the beginning of the conversation, with, generally, the aim to categorize you. In America, it is the last of their concern. They are genuinely interested in you, even if your English is broken and your accent is atrocious. They will not correct your mistakes, as the Europeans do, but on the contrary will pretend you speak the language eloquently to encourage you to continue the discussion. They are truly interested in what you have to say and not how you say it. How sensible.

    America is GREAT and this is not a cliché or a cheap compliment, it is an axiomatic truth. America is great because of the greatness of its people and their humanity. In America, with hard work, dedication and perseverance you can realize your dream, whatever it is: they call it the American Dream. In America, there is no bureaucracy, no corruption, and no nepotism that can stop you from doing what you want to do. Free enterprise is not just a word; it is a state of mind and a reality. If you believe you can do it, you will do it and everyone around will encourage you and push you to achieve your aim.

    The great American writer John Steinbeck in his book: Travels with Charley: In Search of America recognizes the ability of his country to celebrate stupidity:

    “For it is my opinion that we enclose and celebrate the freaks of our nation and our civilization. Yellowstone National Park is no more representative of America than is Disneyland.”

    He, also, talks about the grayness and despair some people, like Trump, can spread:

    “Strange how one person can saturate a room with vitality, with excitement. Then there are others, and this dame was one of them, who can drain off energy and joy, can suck pleasure dry and get no sustenance from it. Such people spread a grayness in the air about them.”

    The greatness of America is its big size shoes

    In 1968, I was a high school student in Lycée Sidi Lahcen Lyoussi in Sefrou, a town south of Fes sitting in the lap of the Middle Atas range of Mountains. Our class was assigned English as a second foreign language, but there was a shortage of teachers in this particular area. Our astute school director heard of a Peace Corps volunteer working in the agriculture department in the town. He went to see him and his Moroccan boss and an agreement was reached that he would be transferred to the high school to teach English, instead.

    The next day he came to our class dressed in suit and a tie…and sporting BIG shoes. He was tall, blonde and excessively handsome. All the girls fell for his magnetic charm, but we the guys disliked him for that, and no other reason. During the first week of his teaching I led a gang that tried desperately to disrupt his teaching, but he was impassible and not only he kept his calm but, also, had a destructive smile that made you feel defenseless and stupid in your enterprise. In all this, Gaylord, that was his first name, looked like an Olympian God, but unlike them he was beautiful, powerful and wise and did not show any sense of revenge in spite of his colossal stature and strength. We all liked him but wanted to bring him down for the honor of our girls that were heels over heads in his love and literally had shoved aside our flirting and advances. And as time went on, he became more popular among the population of the whole school.

    So, in view of this new development, we decided to tear him down, one fine day. As class started, we mocked, in Arabic, his big shoes repeatedly, making noise, and brouhaha. He ignored our taunts royally. But as things started to get out of control, he paused, and like a Greek God of the mythology, his voice thundered and made us tremble. He said in perfect Moroccan Arabic;

    - F mirikan derna sbat, b7al hada, fou9 sbat ou wsalna l-9amar

    ‘In America, We put a shoe like this one on top of another shoe and we reached the moon”

    We were flabbergasted at his great answer. He did not insult us or punish us as it was expected; instead he taught us a lesson we never forgot. Besides, we did not know he spoke fluently Moroccan Arabic. So, in a flash, he became our hero, instead. Myself and my gang felt so little, so ashamed of ourselves and of our deeds and decided immediately to cease our demeaning campaign and apologize to him, which we did immediately and he accepted the apologies wholeheartedly and instantly.

    Following this incident Gaylord of Yakima, Washington became a great friend of mine and because of him I learned English and loved America since and, also, loved apples because his hometown Yakima was the American capital of apples, according to him. He was to become from then onwards a myth in the town of Sefrou and even the house in which he lived in the Medina is still called today: Dar Gaylord.

    This generous person with his time, his knowledge and his friendship is worth his weight in gold and worth more than several American official initiatives. He was a master, no doubt, of inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue that America could ever produce at any time. Alas, people like Gaylord Barr of Yakima, Washington are not recognized for their worth and their contribution to humanity. Their dedication and struggle for the wellbeing of humanity is always dwarfed by the noise of some political midget like Trump.

    Dump Trump

    In his campaign slogan Trump keeps saying that he wants to make America great again, but he does not say how. However, by reading between the lines, one can say that he infers the following:

    • He wants a militaristic America: a country that can “nuke” any other country that disagrees with it, at will;
    • He wants a white supremacist America where present other colors will be emasculated and “enslaved” economically and culturally speaking;
    • He wants to make America arrogant with its European allies and others, where it is her that calls the shots, outside any consultation; and
    • He wants America to be the paragon of the world and its cultural reference, par excellence.

    In many ways this is reminiscent of fascism and Nazism of the 20th century.

    Trump is definitely a dangerous oddity of the 21st century that has to be eradicated if the world wants to move forward. Truly, he is no different from ISIS.

    ISIS wants to go back to the system of Caliphate, but augmented by all forms of abuse of human and political rights and tyranny in the name of Allah and this is a flagrant contradiction, today. So all sensible Muslims are fighting this scourge of the Middle East and soon it will disappear into the trashcan of history, like all human stupidities.

    Concomitant with ISIS, there is Trump, the scourge of America, who wants to put the clock back and scrap the great concept of the “melting pot” from the history of the United States. He wants some sort of American Caliphate dominated by the whites, and made for the whites only by.

    • Keeping Muslims out, but he does not say what to do with American Muslims, will he put them in reserves like the Indians?;
    • Building a wall to keep Mexicans from coming to the country, but he does not say what he will do with those already in the country and how could NAFTA continue to exist?
    • Cracking down on trade with China; and
    • Belittling and stigmatizing women, LGBT and minorities?

    Hitler in the 30s of the last century promised Germans GREATNESS, making the Aryan race the paragon of humanity, they followed him blindly by millions and supported his racist dreams. Consequently, he massacred 6 million Jews (Holocaust) just because they are Jews and considered them to be the vermin and mice, while the world looked on. When his appetite for power became planetary, the Americans rose up to him and the Second World War occurred leading to the death of millions and the devastation of Europe that was saved from poverty by the Marshall Plan.

    Hitler could have been stopped in the 1930s, at little cost, but the Europeans did nothing to that effect and if it were not thanks to the sacrifice of America, pure blonde and blue-eyed people would exclusively be ruling the world.

    Last word

    Would the Americans stop Trump before he pushes the world to a devastating catastrophe, to come soon, and rise to the occasion of restoring American greatness by dumping him now?

    The whole world waits for an answer to this existential question with great impatience and only American voters can provide an answer in November 2016.

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