• You Can’t Live Beyond What You Believe.

    After witnessing an ever-growing, greed and selfishness, of the policy makers in my country, I decided to engage one of my colleagues in a contemplative debate about why God gave the largest portion of ingenuity, constructive sophistication and intelligence to the Americans, Israelites, a few Asians and Europeans but not Africans.

    In the debate, my arguments were:

    1. Why have the Americans, Israelites, a few Asians and Europeans (especially the Europeans) influenced lifestyles and livelihoods on the planet more than the Africans?

    2. Why were there no missionaries, explorers and colonialists from Africa, to set out on an escapade to Europe, America and other lands, to spread the African culture, hence influence the planet’s lifestyles? Or did they set out but we know nothing about their movements?

    I am well aware of the existence of an interesting phenomenon, about where the planet’s civilization and current planetary influence, held by the Europeans and Americans, originated from. That origin is Egypt, in Africa!

    However, what this perspective does, is to nail Africans in the foot, because, if Egypt is the origin of a great extent of civilization on the planet, and Egypt is in Africa, why did the Europeans and Americans outsmart us in using our very own arsenal of tools, of civilization?

    If you think my contemplation is far-fetched and ineffectual, try looking at the origin of the gadget you are using to read this article. I bet it’s not from Africa. Ha-ha!

    The influence of the Europeans, Americans has gone as far as occupying the comfort of your hand’s palm, living room, office space, home compound, kitchen and probably your body cells. That is how daringly far, this influence has gone.

    My colleague’s responses, in the debate, were mainly inspired by the notion that; God works in unquestionable and mysterious ways.

    Whereas I agree that God’s ways are unquestionable, I disagree that it is, and or was God’s intention for Africans to lag behind, in the process of being co-creators with him!

    I strongly believe that we are lagging behind because we have been trapped by “The African Dream”.

    The dream of most Africans is to be doers of stuff without thoroughly thinking through stuff! We passionately hate creative thinking!

    We have failed to understand that it is better to take nine hours sharpening the axe and thinking about how best to cut the tree, so that we take one hour cutting the tree than taking one hour sharpening the axe and thinking about how best to cut the tree then later spend nine hours cutting it down.

    The consequences of the latter method to cut the tree are unbearable, yet it is the method that shapes our African dream and it is what we love!

    In our bid to find the path of least resistance towards development, a thing any sane human would do, we end up creating more resistance because we don’t objectively and widely think about the stuff we do!

    Because they want to think of only their immediate self, our policy makers concoct policies that are so narrowly scoped and skewed towards self-aggrandizement, hence cause a hell of resistance and retardation, when the policy backfires.

    Such laziness, that has now become a doctrine, is the nightmare that we love! Until we realize that we can’t live beyond this doctrine we believe, Africa shall forever be behind.