• Unity in Diversity, or, Unity of Diversity?

    There’s no way saying, “we are one people”, is going to create unity until we understand that, it is actually in our racial differences that unity dwells. Yeah! It’s a paradox of life. Ha-ha.

    In their bid to create unity, by overlooking the permanence of our racial differences, global leaders have instead created disunity on the planet.

    It is very dangerous to overlook something as inescapable as the permanence of racial difference. Yet, this is exactly what the prevailing rhetoric from politicians, religious leaders and non-governmental organizations is promoting.

    The rhetoric is commonly laden with mantras like, “we are one people!”, showcased using all available forums from brochures, through the television and radio, to the internet.

    Whereas this mantra could be sending out an arguably good message, the rate at which it is misunderstood is high.

    We have to acknowledge and accept the inevitability, diversity and permanence of our differences before we can think of unity.

    It will be after understanding that, it is through our inevitable racial differences, that we are supposed to form a conglomerate of diversified cultures, skills, beliefs and ideologies, that there will be unity.

    In other words, it ought to be a journey towards unity in diversity rather than towards unity of diversity.

    Race Does Matter!

    Just like the antagonistic branches of a single tree, all participate in photosynthesis, providing shelter to other plants and animals, we ought to utilize the inescapable and intrinsic antagonism of our society, for the betterment of our livelihoods on the planet.

    Following the impassioned twitter hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, I would love to diffuse the emotions a bit by positing that, “Race Does Matter”.

    Instead of fronting such a disuniting agenda as “Black Lives Matter”, similar to that of feminists and other impassioned groups, I would rather we front a noble, holistic and inclusive agenda that recognizes and acknowledges the significance of every race on the planet.

    Such a hypothetical, inclusive agenda will not only help restore sanity and unity in harmony-deficient regions like the middle east and some African countries but also accelerate the long walked journey to global peace.

    The dilemma, then becomes; if everyone seems disoriented from restoring harmony on the planet, who is going to champion such a peace-laden agenda? The answer is definitely, you and I.

    We ought to harness the beauty and permanence of our differences instead of letting their presence fuel mayhem, in turn creating more differences.

    I can’t wait for a planet, laden with a peace-conscious humanity. Phew!