• Truly Lovable. Truly Loving.

    With their exquisite and unwavering combination of resilience, beauty, endurance, pure & true love and nursing instincts, African women show us a new way to participate in life. Such dynamism is a rare instinct among their colleagues in Europe and America!

    Unless you are a hugely narcissistic, self-important European woman, reading this, it should be easy for you to believe that Africa has the most beautiful women on the planet.

    I can immediately sense resentment that, “It depends on how we define beautiful, or, Beauty is relative.”

    Well, much as I agree that beauty is relative, I would argue that once the extent of beauty is profoundly universal, its relativity ceases! This is the case with the beauty of African women. It is universal.

    Apart from being universal, it is also holistic. How? It is both on the outside and inside of the beholder.

    The way the women on our continent nurture children, love their husbands, build morally upright families (even in the absence of their husbands) not only make them loving beings but also lovable ones.

    Even with the current infiltration of the western propaganda of feminism and outlandish cultures such as excessive use of cosmetics, the natural state of our women has stood the test of a cultural invasion.

    Deep within the heart of Africa, there still lives humane and considerate women! Women whose intrinsic cultural predilections have refused to be eroded by the superfluously marketed, misleading western cultures, that wrongly represent who a woman ought to be.

    There still exists African women who understand the dynamics of grooming a sane human being, a feat that is rapidly getting eroded among the women whose spirits have succumbed to the prevalent, falsified representation, of what a woman ought to be.

    In all hope, the formidable African women, that have stood the relentlessness of the European cultural invasion, are poised to groom similarly formidable off springs. So, let’s not despair.

    Such a rare combination of formidable characters and beauty, is a quintessential representation of what a true African woman is.