• In Africa, It Seems that Education is not The Key.

    My mentor told me that, “The most educated sinners, do the most damage.”

    Having grown up going to a primary school whose motto was,  “Education is the Key”, I did not easily take in my mentor’s assertion, for it was counter-prejudice to my mental predilections then.

    However, when I look at the prevailing problems on the African continent, especially the mundane and trivial ones, I am not only gripped by a multi-pronged pang of rage and fury but also motivated to transform the status quo.

    On top of my painfully emotional outlook on my continent, Africa, I am forced to recall and reconsider my childhood hesitation to believe in my mentor’s assertion that the most educated sinners did the most damage.

    When a continent has top influential elites, some of whom have garnered knowledge and wealth from foreign continents, but is still grappling with immense mundane and trivial problems like shoddy project management and egotistic salary increments for a few, then we know we have been entrapped in an almost inescapable ordeal.

    Africa has a significant number of elites, poised and equipped to transform the continent but, they have instead sunk the continent into the gloom of despair. Is education the key?

    The parochial and constricted deeds of Africa’s elites have successfully proved that education is not the key, indeed! Something else, a thing that has eluded many, is the key.

    For example, In Uganda, professors in universities have chosen to invest the greatest percentage of their time on earth, in maintaining their self-important attitude.

    I am well aware that such constricted behavior is a symptom of a major political disease, but It is arguably foolish for a one enlightened professor, to transfer their political agony to the classroom.

    I believe the professor ought to formulate a smart and formidable way out instead of grumbling like the so-called commoners who on one hand formulate better ways out than the professors.

    I am well aware that all humanity is corrupted and considerably flawed but it is significantly true that the African humanity is the most profoundly flawed.

    What is the key? What should we do?