• Some Normals Are More Normal Than Others.

    The asymmetry in wealth distribution on the planet is overwhelmingly skewed towards sustaining the wielders of political power and or lobbyists.

    Is this something we should look at as normal or is this outlandish asymmetry something to cause alarm?

    Should political rhetoric that is laden with mantras of: tax the wealthy to pay the poor, be a reason to celebrate a certain politician?

    Or should everyone have wealth according to how one harnesses their wisdom and opportunities? Who provides the opportunities, anyway?

    These are all questions that have engulfed the planet’s political, economic and social arenas. It is appalling that no sustainable way out has been forged yet(at least as far as I am aware). Instead, these questions have been grounds for world political turmoil and despair.

    Is there no way out, indeed? The next part of this article will tell us whether there is way out or not.

    It’s A Continuation of the Past.

    Right from our ancestral origins and even as depicted in holy text, inequality has always been woven in the fabric of humanity. It can be arguably stated that inequality was worse in the old days. Things have relaxed nowadays. Ha-ha!

    How? If you look at biblical king Solomon for example, and depending on which school of thought you use to deliberate upon the matter, you can comfortably conclude that inequality was, and still is justified. (I’ll request you to join me in deliberating upon this.)

    The quintessential, 21st Century, King Solomon is Bill Gates. (I am aware there are the unsung wealthier heroes, in the global finance sector.) If we are to go by our earlier biblical phenomenon that inequality is justified, then Bill Gates surely deserves to be where he is. Otherwise, modern day economics’ standards would suggest that he his monopoly is a bottleneck in the developmental paths of others.

    On the other hand, it could be argued that as long as one returns a portion of their wealth to society, a thing Bill Gates does, through avenues such as philanthropy and donations, then the asymmetry in wealth distribution is “a normal thing.”

    Whatever notion you use to justify and or debunk the gruesomeness of the wealth inequality on our planet, it all boils down to the notion that, it is a continuation of the past.

    Do you think it’s “a normal thing”?

    Image Credit: awdnews.com