• All Things Are Possible.

    As a believer in the bible, I take it with utmost reverence, when given scriptures in the bible, state that, “With God, all things are possible”.

    For the believers, the phrase “All things are possible” should be met with a sense of unwavering belief. For the intransigent skeptics, I am sorry to say that skepticism will always be their stronghold.

    Right from the intriguing biblical treatises of mother Mary conceiving with the aid of the holy spirit to gigantic feats like small David, killing big Goliath, we see a streak of the manifestation of what a contemporary, modern day human being, would call the impossible!

    Interestingly, it should be brought to our notice that the triumph over what many have decided to call “the impossible”, is not, or at least should not be limited to mythology and ancestry but is also in our midst.

    Of course, just as it is with the expansive refutation of the holy virgin births, I expect significant skepticism when it comes to this dragon virgin birth.

    The intransigent pundits reading this article are definitely concocting several mental phenomena to support their false ideas that a virgin birth is not possible.

    Since there is always a first time for everything, it’s time to throw away our long held beliefs and embrace the fact that a virgin birth is possible.

    This is where and when, I unleash how the Komodo dragons do it!

    No Sperm Needed. Egg-cellent Dragonian births!

    These Komodo dragons are not only profoundly rare but also meta-sexual creatures. The functioning of their sexual reproduction system defies all the prevailing and widely accepted scientific rhetoric of how a fetus is formed.

    Whatever scientific research that has tried, or is trying to justify the Komodo virgin births is not only lingering and or teetering on the brink of sheer guess work but also arguably, getting nowhere.

    Through a process the zoologists decided to call Parthenogenesis, the dragons’ unfertilized eggs develop to maturity. As a civil engineer, this is what I would call an egg-cellent process. Ha-ha!

    I wouldn’t love to go into the intricacies of this egg-cellence. I’ll spare the details of the scientific deliberation for the professors I will meet during my upcoming trip to the Radcliffe Research Partnership Institute in Harvard University.

    However, if you are one of those with an “I can’t wait” attitude, I suggest that you either reach us at the African Exponent Information desk, for further deliberations or read more about it, now that we are in an information age.

    Having given you a short glimpse at virgin births do you believe in them or are you still a skeptic? Please, tell us.