• The fear of death is a global pandemic!

    Look around you, and most of what you will see is a panic-laden citizenry engulfed in the fear of dying from everything and or anything.

    This fear, often ranging from fear of microscopic germs, through fear of who their neighbor is or is not, to the fear of how the next political organization will come into power, has engulfed us.

    This fear of death is further fed and grown by advertisements for cosmetics that glorify the young and debase the old. This naïve, but business oriented glorification of the young and beautiful has bred unprecedented anxiety among women who end up dreading the old and ugly.

    Paranoid attempts to remain beautiful are made with a “come what may” attitude. This syndrome has now crossed over to their male counterparts.

    As if such outlandish advertisements are not enough, World Health Organization reports on life expectancies, for respective countries, inflate the fears.

    These age-limits are often developed basing on livelihoods of the citizenry. This includes assessing the employment statuses of people, family sizes, access to social services among other arguably trivial parameters, as far as what the true essence of life is concerned.

    I don’t know whether it is for the need to feel important to the community or for the lack of better engagements, but this business of forecasting limits on people’s age is pretty parochial and a quintessential justification of how modernity has lost a sense of wisdom.

    I agree there is a significant causal relationship between one’s livelihood and how long they will live, but I disagree that we should front that as a reason to be paranoid and fear-filled about our next step in life, yet this fear-instilling motive seems to be that of whoever is behind these parochial reports on life expectancy.

    As long as we are going to keep dying to live, we shall not live to die. This brings me to what we could considerably do, to live unaffected by this global pandemic of the fear of death.

    Don’t Waste Your Life.

    Don’t waste your life dying to live! Don’t waste your life fighting for crumbs on the food-table. Don’t waste your life fearing death.

    I can immediately sense an inquiry that, “what should I do?”

    Well, if I tell you what you should do, to purposefully live your life, I would surely be deceiving. I can only do well by telling you what you shouldn’t do.

    No satisfactory set of rules, that man has developed can direct your life’s path on how it ought to be lived.

    However, you could develop novel paradigms inspired by your unique self (the unique-self is another cliché and elusive phenomenon) to live the fear-free life you were made to live.

    The contemporary paradigms on how one ought to live their life, are not only laden with prejudice but also devoid of creativity.

    So, to live a life that doesn’t draw fear from, and or take the life expectancy reports seriously, one ought to make their expectations from life, as timeless and flexible as possible.

    Do you fear death?