• Maybe, maybe not, Fashion Moralists Should Let Women Walk Half Naked

    By comfortably walking around half naked, modern day woman could be sending us a coded message of her burning need to go back to the garden of Eden.

    Her instinctual behaviors to walk around naked, of our (the believers in the Bible) original mother, Eve, want to break out of the boundaries set by the condemnation from fashion moralists.

    It is high time we sat down and deciphered this rampant increase in what we have convinced ourselves to be indecency, forgetting that we (the believers) claim to have had our origins marred in nakedness. Is this an inconsiderable inconsistency or does it hold water?

    In fact, some cultures in Africa, for example the Karamojong in North-Eastern Uganda, still embrace nakedness. Why should we accept this as a culture and yet condemn the culture of the nakedness of modern woman?

    Straight from their bedrooms, through the streets to the beaches, modern day women irresistibly yearn to walk half naked.

    According to moralists, especially the Muslims, it is understandable when the women walk naked in the confines of their marital bedrooms but not on the streets and the beaches.

    What is ironical is that believers find it easy to believe in Eve’s nakedness and yet find it hard to believe in modern day woman’s nakedness.

    Of course, a believer would argue that Eve finally got ashamed and covered up, an argument to which, as a fellow believer, I would counter-philosophize that maybe the reason why modern day woman walks around half naked is because of the ancestral mark of nakedness.

    Modern day woman could simply be emulating Eve and or other allegedly naked ancestors.

    Yeah, I know this is quite far-fetched but wouldn’t one argue that the biblical treatise on Eve’s nakedness, however philosophical, is also far-fetched?

    Should we simply let the women embrace their nakedness as they comfortably expose it, given that ancestral backing or should the fashion moralists be listened to?

    Or is our (some of us) loathe for outlandishly naked women also justified given that Adam and Eve or even early man finally got ashamed of their nakedness and covered up? Let us talk more about this!

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