• When my spiritual mentor was warning me about the dangers of rigidly holding onto a perception, they told me that, “A perception, once held, lives a life of its own until the bearer goes back and changes it or until the bearer experiences an event at significant odds with that long held perception”. This mini-treatise about perception challenged me to not only reach beyond my prevailing awareness but also to be ready to embrace divergent but enlightening notions.

    As I was using the computer mouse to hover over you tube videos, during my personal research about the esoteric Civil Engineering methods of ancient Egypt, my eyes could not help it but land on something, equally informative and suffused with a pashmina of "specialness", but, which I was not looking for [talk about serendipity]. My eyes landed on a clip showing the mysteries of sex in the ancient world! To me, it was an inescapable co-existence of the new and old. (new, because it was my first time to see it and old, because it was ancient)

    Because this experience of a new but old reality was fascinating, for a moment, I thought that my discovery moment was as serendipitous (because I was not looking for ancient sex mysteries but engineering works) as Isaac Newton’s discovery of the presence of gravity, who discovered gravity without necessarily intending to discover it but by only being mindful of his apple tree surroundings and intention to further his discovery on why the apple fell downwards and not upwards. Ha! [I’m assuming that, the famous Newton, apple tree anecdote is true.]

    Given the surprising nature of the video’s title, I immediately recalled my mentor’s advice on perception. I had never perceived our ancestors as significantly sexually oriented and or perverted beings! So, my serendipitous discovery put my long held perception at odds with what I was seeing on the screen thereby compelling me to alter the perception having verified the message from my encounter with the abstract.

    I realized that our collective tendency to dig up the history of humanity’s existence is idiosyncratically characterized by a skewed and biased scope of research. Skewed, because we largely focus on the politics and hierarchies of ancient societies and biased, because we are more inclined to perceive inhabitants of ancient societies as ruthless and aggressive (especially because of the wars we tend to study).

    Given this status quo, I thought it was more awakening to momentarily halt my engineering research and further unearth our ancestor’s sexuality! It was awakening indeed as I encountered a multi-pronged assault of aha! Moments.

    In the early 19th century, Egyptologists based in the Egyptian museum in Turin, Italy discovered an ancient papyrus fabric in Egypt. It was dubbed the Turin Erotic Papyrus by the discoverers. It is believed to be the oldest depiction of sex to have been discovered. This perception-changing artifact was found to be imbued with explicit sex images of 12 erotic scenes! The artistic imagery falls between impressively acrobatic and unnervingly ambitious, with one of the scenes on a chariot! [the reader is encouraged to read more about it.]

    In the bid to decipher the significance of such a discovery, the Egyptologists couldn’t help it too, so they succumbed to their growing urge to air out their views hence gave their analogies with regard to these fading, 3000-year-old sex riddles woven in papyrus. Some likened it to the modern day playboy magazine. Others were quick to assert the possibility of brothels in ancient Egypt. Others said that it was an opening into the view of sex in the ancient world.

    Whatever their opinion was, it is clear that the discovery of the artifact challenged the commonly held notion that this generation in the 21st century, is profoundly flawed with sexual perversion to the extent of commercializing sex. The aggressive exhibition of sex on this papyrus, throbs with an unprecedented coded message that sexual perversion dates way back! We have only modeled and molded it to the contemporary setting. I’ll have to limit my speculation about the significance of this sex-laden papyrus since I respect the discoverers. So, I’ll let them do the piecing up of the old artifact to come up with a non-biased, satisfactory meaning.

    There are numerous possibilities of occurrences linked to the roots of our civilization and are lost in antiques. More of these unprecedented discoveries are yet to tell us more. Are you ready to know? You had better get ready otherwise you will be shocked!