• A few weeks ago dramatic images of an overloaded boat filled with migrants flipping off the Libyan coast made it on the first page of many tabloids. For some it started and ended there, but for Africa, it is a tip of the iceberg. Africa is suffering and people have resorted to migrating for better opportunities.

    In Africa a huge number of musical band members always missed the return flight from Europe. This was just small-scale migration and lot needs to be done by Africa to address the migration challenge that in most cases results in brain drain. Over the past decade, the movement of people has been on the rise with more than a million migrants in 2015. Migration has either defined a lot of economic powerhouses and/or drained most of the working class of other nation.

    It is paramount to note that currently, migration is vital in political, economic and social development. In one way or the other migration has become an agent of social change. The movement of people across the globe has financially benefited the receiving and the sending nation in manpower and remittances respectively but these are usually coupled with social reservations from European countries, their main concerns being security, employment and sharing government resources. The current global migration crisis has resulted in the receiving nations resorting to implementing codified restrictive legislation and policies. They go though all these process in attempts to check and account to those who enter.

    This has made Africa to cry foul. It is common cause that when colonialists entered into Africa with no restrictions, they took all the gold and diamonds. The colonialists benefited immensely from Africa and decades after they are raising red flags to the African migrants entering Europe. This is socially unfair to the Africans who have resorted to illegal and dangerous means of acquiring basic luxuries abroad.

    The push factors for Africa are that there are the unending wars and conflicts based on religion, minerals, political boundaries, bad governance, unemployment and corruption in most countries. A lot of Africans have thus packed backpacks and are on the move either to South Africa or Europe.

    In Europe they are constantly flown back through deportations or they drown in handmade boats. Those who survive deportations and drowning in bad weather are never spared from the violent xenophobic and or Afrophobic attacks. These xenophobic attacks are not unique to Europe; they were also order of the day in South Africa. King Goodwill Zwelithini of the Zulu Kingdom refused to address his comments which led to the wide spread xenophobic attacks and deaths of many migrants.

    The resolution to the comprehensive exodus crisis requires a holistic, premeditated all-embracing perception. Such should be founded on the fact that restriction of movement will only lead to an amalgamation of the present predicament. By suggestion, the advanced states must take into consideration the kickbacks of migration on the economic merits.

    For Africa, there is a need of a champion for the exodus administration enterprise whose focal point must give credit to the contributions of the African Diasporas in both their countries of origin and countries of destination.

    To date various migration policies and measures have not achieved the desired deliverables. Instead these restrictive policies and by-laws have lead to migrants using other alternative and illegal means to enter their nations of choice. There is a dire need of a friendlier approach that is all-inclusive.

    To mitigate the anticipated collateral damage from the global migration crisis on the African economy, African countries should re-strategize and optimize their endowment with a view to transiting from providers of raw materials to industrialized nations. The factors pushing Africans out of their countries on the dangerous search for non-existent so-called greener pastures abroad must be addressed

    Pity Africa is not united. It is such a shame that Colonel Gaddafi was eliminated. It’s a disaster that Thabo Mbeki was too educated and only suggested without implementing his African Renaissance perspective. It is sad that the outspoken Robert Mugabe is aging and has missed the point in his backyard. Who is going to fight for Africa? Kofi Annan was the torchbearer, but there is no one to take over African issues at a global scale.

    Image Credit: http://www.newstatesman.com/