• There's a new collection at Asos. And it was made in Kenya. The multi billion dollar online fashion retailer worked with SOKO. SOKO is a manufacturing unit  based in Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary in Kenya. It is a business with an ethical approach to the business of fashion. Unlike sweatshops, it provides fair wages to its workers and provides the needed social services. At the core of its business is the manufacture of high quality garments, labeling and packaging to clients' specifications. 

    The new collection was also made in collaboration with a local school which provided drawings to be used in the prints in the new Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. The pieces range from printed loosely fitted maxi dresses, jumpsuits and coats to sweats and cute t shirts. This type of collaboration between international megabrands and African brands is becoming more popular as the international community is realizing that Africa has the capability to produce quality products. This is especially fueled by the rise of the appeal of handmade goods, which art Africa has perfected. Vivienne Westwood also had some bags made in Kenya some five years ago.

    The collection can be found on asos.com