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  Nov 07, 2023

Instances When Former Colonial Powers Expressed 'Regrets'

After unequivocal apologies over colonial-era abuses by Germany in Tanzania by president Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Nov. 01, here are some other cases where former ruling powers have said sorry – or not....

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  Nov 06, 2023

Meta Given 30 Days Notice to Cease Using the Name 'Threads'

A British software firm, Threads Software Limited, has given Meta a 30-day ultimatum to cease using the name "Threads" in the UK, citing ownership of the trademark....

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  Oct 29, 2023

AfDB Loans to Kenya Hit $3.95bn

African Development Bank’s (AfDB) loans to Kenya have grown 37.2 percent in the last five years to cross the half-a-trillion shilling mark, deepening the pan-African lender’s role in the country’s development agenda....

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  Oct 27, 2023

Opinion: Democracy in Africa is Not a Western Imposition

Kagame is a ruthless despot and a major obstacle to true democratic progress, writes Mhaka...

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  Oct 26, 2023

How Trade Deals Reveal the Behaviour of West African Elites

The trade policy choices of ruling elites are significantly influenced by their political...

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  Oct 26, 2023

Ethiopian Scientist, Gebisa Ejeta Receives Highest U.S. Science Award

Ethiopian scientist Gebisa Ejeta receives National Medal of Science from US...

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