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  Dec 08, 2023

Meet Abdullah Ibrahim, South Africa's 88-Year-Old Pianist, Who Defines Germany's Music Standards

Now, at the age of 88, Ibrahim’s music is as vital, creative and important as ever....

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  Dec 07, 2023

Kendrick Lamar Wins Heart of Africans at Rwanda Concert

Many Africans are raving about rapper Kendrick Lamar's "extraordinary performance" in Rwanda's capital, Kigali....

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  Dec 06, 2023

African Development Bank AgriPitch Winner, Adja Sembene Fall Reveals Key to Start-Up Success

Adja Sembene Fall, Senegalese “Agripreneur” and African Development Bank AgriPitch Competition winner has revealed the key to the success of her luxury tea startup, to guide other African entrepreneurs....

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  Nov 06, 2023

Kenyan Maasai Women Turn Deadly Cactus Species into Food

A group of women in central Kenya are on their way to harvest prickly pear that will be turned into biogas....

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  Nov 02, 2023

South African Opera Singers Take African Talent to the World

Operalia, one of the most prestigious opera competitions in the world has come to South Africa second largest city. 4 of the 5 South Africans selected this year among about 800 singers qualified for the semi-finalists announced on Oct. 31....

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  Oct 29, 2023

Has Democracy Failed Africa?

The support for military takeovers is growing across Africa, and civilian governments are responsible for that slide, say analysts....

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